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Buy Supreme Carts Online, the downside of the independent lab tests. There’s another positive to report here. We enjoyed the taste and flavor of the Supreme cartridge THC oil.
Vaping it was a pleasurable experience. At carts and pre-rolls we sale the best quality buds and carts. We ship discreetly worldwide and we sell in bulk quantities. Delivery is done overnight so you get it the next day at your address.
We tried the Tagoe OG strain and we thought it was among the most flavorsome we’ve ever tried.
When comparing it with the Tahoe OG cartridge from Brass Knuckles, we preferred the Supreme one.
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Therefore, if a great flavor is essential to you (and it usually is), you’re not going to be disappointed by Supreme vape cartridges.

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Of course, just because the oil tastes good doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t contaminated with pesticides. Pesticides do not have an odor or flavor. Vaping pesticides do not change the taste or affect the high, making it not detectable unless lab tested. That’s something you should keep in mind if you’re considering buying the Supreme brand cartridges.
When it came to the potency of the hits, we have to say that we found that the Supreme THC Vape oil . that we tried produced some really amazing hits.
The hits were big without any drag and, although it isn’t explicitly stated anywhere on the packaging, we think that if we had to guess, we would suggest that the cartridge style is similar to the CCELL type with a ceramic base rather than the older wicking style of the cartridge.
On the downside, there were a couple of flaws which, to be fair, aren’t unique to this brand. We found that the glass of the cartridge was pretty weak. When we accidentally dropped it, it cracked. We were lucky in that there was very little THC oil when that happened. However, we wouldn’t have been delighted if it had happened as soon as we’d taken it out of the packaging. This isn’t the only THC oil vape cartridge that’s made out of inferior quality glass, but it’s still annoying.

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Another issue that we found with the Supreme vape cartridge was that it wouldn’t vape all of the THC oil inside it. Again, another thing that isn’t unique to this cartridge. We’ve had this problem before with other cartridges too, and it’s always annoying not to be able to vape all the oil that you’ve paid for.
Not much thc oil remains in the bottom of the cartridge, but it’s a definite design flaw when you can
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