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Happy Sticks is a cannabusiness that specializes in premier vaporizer cartridges that take you to your happy place. Medical cannabis patients and marijuana enthusiasts alike cannot help but have a smile on their face after a puff of a Happy Sticks cartridge. Their products are handcrafted by a team of dedicated scientists and quality control specialists.

Its oils are derived from organically-sourced material, that undergo rigorous lab tests before being processed into high-quality designer vape cartridges. The Happy Sticks team is happy to offer their line of premium cannabis vape cartridges to anyone whose quality of life would increase with their products.

Happy Sticks

Everyone deserves a chance for happiness. Whether you’re in need of a natural remedy for pain management or simply love the effects of cannabis, Happy Sticks is your cure. Their team invites the California cannabis community to find their favorite vape cartridge that makes them happy.

History and Mission

The team is deeply rooted in the cannabis industry with more than a decade of experience in each of their fields. Happy Sticks is an ever-evolving collaborative effort that strives to put patients’ needs first and stay ahead of the rapidly changing market.

They work closely with industry-leading scientists, compliance specialists, and committed cannabusiness management professionals, whose efforts enable them to produce the highest quality products. I

t keeps the voice of the cannabis community at the forefront of their priorities. Their communications team quickly addresses patient, collective, and dispensary needs to deliver a tailored experience for each of their customers. Today, Happy Sticks continues to create a cannabis brand that is accessible, adaptive and advances the world marijuana concentrates.


They source their flowers from cannabis farms and collectives throughout Northern California. They work with master growers that employ responsible cultivation methods that nurture strains to their highest potential. Then, those top-notch buds are taken to their in-house concentrates laboratory for extracting.

Happy Sticks extraction artists use proprietary extraction methods on machines with cutting-edge engineering. Thanks to their industry-leading standard operating procedures, Happy Sticks strictly adheres to the safety and quality control set by local authorities and industry leaders.


Experience the delicious terpenes and potent effects of award-winning concentrate Sunset Gelato. This vape cartridge took home a Cannabis Cup and proudly offers potency and a flavor profile that would impress any 710 enthusiasts. Happy Hippy Hybrids deliver therapeutic and recreational benefits.

Experience the well-balanced effects of Hybrid cannabis that soothes the body while sparking the mind with creative inspiration. Happy Sticks is proud to offer a line of cannabis products that respect adult consumers’ desire for exceptional sensory experiences, but can also provide relief for medical cannabis patients.

Lab Testing

The safety and quality of Happy Sticks cannabis cartridges are paramount to their team. This brand is proud to offer batch tested vape cartridges provided by SC Labs. Their cannabis oils are tested for potency, terpene profiles, microbial and organic contaminants.