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Kanji Vape by Kanji Cannabis, a generally new brand that is appearing in Nevada dispensaries. We got four Kanji vapes in. Shop Legal Ganja Dispensary Elite Catalogue

Kanji Vape

Kanjis value is excellent, even when its priced higher

The first and only time so far I have seen Kanji vapes, they were 2 for $40, plus tax of course, at “The Dispensary” in Henderson, NV. Since it was the deal of the day I had to try it. Should I see Kanji again standard cart prices, which is probably going to be $39 a piece, I would still get it and consider it a good value. Its just that strong!

Concluding our review of the Kanji vape

Kanji has done a great job with their vapes. After four of them, I can say they are easily one of the best in the state and probably the entire country. You may not have heard of it yet, but if you see it on the shelf, be sure to grab one, or two, or four.

Readers, tell us how you tracked down Kanji disposable vape pens here in the comments or in our forums. Or tell us about your other “wild card” finds where you took a chance on a sale and were pleasantly surprised.