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Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate – 3500mg Psilocybin & 500mg THC



Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate – 3500mg Psilocybin & 500mg THC

magic mushroom chocolate bar

magic mushroom chocolate bar is A thin sheet of milk chocolate is wrapped around a thin sheet of crunchy Waffel in the Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar.

Trippy is a bite that combines three flavors in one: milk chocolate, waffle, and the unique trippy flavor that comes from the layered structure.

As the thin sheets part with each mouthful, new flavors and sensations emerge, making it a thrilling voyage for all five senses.

Each of these mushroom bars comprises twelve pieces of chocolate, each weighing an average of 290 mg (3.5g total bar).

The precise weight measurement allows you to consume the precise amount of Psilocybin in the form of chocolate without the gritty flavor.

Cannabis and premium milk chocolate, made from very high-grade psilocybin extract, are designed to allow you to join the circles of the joyful cosmos with no cannabis or shroom aftertaste!.

Trippy Flip cannabis and psilocybin loaded chocolates are the vehicle for micro dosing the latest trend while remaining comfortable, accessing flow states, or lifting the curtains to glimpse nirvana!

Effects of magic mushroom chocolate bar

Sensory and emotional impacts are examples of possible side effects. Set and environment are vital to your trip experience, as they are with any psychedelic.

Sensory: Visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as altered perceptions of time, space, and position, leave you in a daze. At large doses, the ego dissolves.


A feeling of giddiness or hilarity.

As well as changes in awareness, as well as perspective, emotional catharsis, and a sense of belonging. Changes in mood, such as euphoria and epiphany rushes, may occur.

When psilocybin and cannabis are combine, the result is a powerfully psychedelic high that includes sights and physical experiences.

Furthermore, some feel that eating cannabis can result in a more dramatic peak.

As well as keeping you more relaxed during the come-down stage.

These handcrafted psilocybin and cannabis-infused chocolates from Washington,.

DC are the ideal confectionary to transport you to the farthest regions of the universe.”

where to Order Mushroom chocolate bar

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