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Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash



Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash

Afghan Mazar Sharif Hash. This Mazar-i-Sharif strain produces the legendary hashish known as “Shirak-i-Mazar” and “Milk of Mazar’ The people of these regions are a patchwork of Turkic, Tajik, Afghan, and Pashtun tribes, and the history of Mazar-i-Sharif strains is likely to be equally complex. Infertile and well-irrigated soils these vigorous giants are capable of reaching 4 meters in height or more and will produce a similarly immense yield of intensely resinous flowers.

Traditionally, it is harvested in the first half of December with the onset of the brutal Central Asian winter. Mazar-i-Sharif plants will enjoy cold conditions, including snow, and will turn a deep blood red in low temperatures.

Growers favor leaving harvest as late as possible, sometimes into early January. Sieved “Milk of Mazar” garda is very resinous and so can be hand-pressed to make charas. It has a distinctively pungent, sweet aroma and a dreamily mellow high. Over-indulgence produces a mind-warping, immobilizing, and narcotic effect.

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