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Backwoods Sweet Aromatic Cigars – Pack of 5


These Backwood cigars are sweet aromatic flavored, mild, and perfect for smoking among the great outdoors. 5 per pack.



Backwoods sweet aromatic cigars were introduced all the way back in 1981 and have been loved by smokers ever since. Cigar smoker identified the cigar’s image as mild and wild, with a frayed end. Equating the cigars to those cowboys might have smoked in the wild west. These cigars are kept in an airtight foil pouch to maintain the cigars’ humidity level.

These Backwoods cigars are vanilla fabulously flavored, magnificently mild, and perfect for smoking among the great outdoors! The number one selling all natural cigar in the world is certainly worth a try!

We offer backwoods cigars in a variety of flavors including Honey Berry and Vanilla!

5 Cigars per pack


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