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Biscotti Cannabis Strain


THC 23-25%CBD 0-1%

Biscotti Medical Benefits: Energy, Sociability, Euphoria, Mood Swings, Depression

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Biscotti Cannabis Strain UK

Buy Biscotti Cannabis Strain Online. The Biscotti Marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid with a flavour profile and effects as tantalizing as its name suggests. A combination of the words “twice” and “cooked” in Italian, this Biscotti will leave you feeling twice-baked with its powerful 25% THC potency.

In addition to its amazing aroma, this strain’s flavour is unparalleled. This strain smells like an old-world European bakery – sweet and doughy with just the right amount of spice and herbs. Lean in close and you’ll be able to pick up some notes of juicy fruit!

Spicy caryophyllene, tangy limonene, and pungent myrcene terpenes dominate and translate perfectly into the flavour profile. On the tongue, Biscotti tastes just like sweet and spicy snickerdoodle cookies. Experienced tokers will be able to pick up notes of herbs and spice on the exhale as well!

Finally, its effects. As an indica dominant weed hybrid, the high surprisingly begins with a cerebral rush. Biscottie elevates the mind into a state of pure bliss, relieving any stress and tension that might be bothering you. As the head rush cools down, its body-focused effects kick in. A wave of warm and comfortable tingliness will wash over your body beginning at the head. As this wave of comfort and relaxation travels down your body

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