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Hawaiian Cookies




With a name like this, you can’t go wrong. Hailing from unknown origins, this 50/50 hybrid favours its sativa genetics more than its indica genetics providing for a perfect day-time strain that tapers off into an evening night-cap. Crossbred between Hawaiian Snow and Girl Scout Cookies, this sweet and tropical treat is sure to please. Don’t be misled by Hawaiian Cookies’ somewhat low THC range of 18% to 21%, this strain still packs a potent Hawaiian punch even for the most seasoned of smokers. Nugs featuring a deep, dark shade of green highlighted by orange pistils are covered in a thick coating on trichomes and resin. This sticky treat releases an aroma that’s primarily tropical – earthy and berry notes abound with light notes of citrus making itself present at the end of the smoke.

Hawaiian Cookies’ high is unique, even among sativas. It with a cerebral, uplifting high that improves focus, productivity and creativity. Mood and energy are both uplifted, helping to make even the most menial tasks exciting. Depending on your tolerance, one session with Hawaiian Cookies could be enough to leave you motivated for hours, tackling on every task on your to-do list with great gusto. As the high begins to recede, a light sense of relaxation slowly settles into your body. While not reaching couch-lock levels of sedation, you’ll yourself at ease with both mind and body at peace.

As a strain that’s not too potent, Hawaiian Cookies is ideal for medical patients as it tends to be controlled and not overwhelming. It allows its users to remove any worries or anxieties that they may be harboring within their minds and lets them focus on what they want to accomplish. It is also effective at stimulating appetite. A few hits of Hawaiian Cookies and you may find yourself craving something equally as sweet! This strain is also effective in alleviating bodily pains such as sores, chronic pain and inflammation and does especially well in dealing with headaches.

Hawaiian Cookies is a difficult strain to cultivate, typically taking 10-12 weeks before yielding a harvest. This strain does best in warm, tropical climates although indoor is ideal. Add a bowl of Hawaiian Cookies to your weekday morning for a boost of energy, productivity and motivation without any couch-lock or sedation! Save it for the weekend for a boost in sociality and energy.  Whenever and wherever you choose to enjoy this sweet, Hawaiian Cookies treat, you won’t be disappointed.


Up to 19-21% THC

Flavors:  Sweet, Blueberry, Tropical

Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Euphoric, Hungry

Medical Uses: Stress, Pain, Insomnia, Depression


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