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Moroccan Rolex Hash


THC: High
CBD: Low
EFFECTS: Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy
MEDICAL: Depression, Pain, Stress


Moroccan Rolex Hash

Arabic Rolex The term “hash” refers to a specific variety of hashish, a cannabis concentrate frequently made in Morocco. The cannabis plant’s resinous trichomes are harvested, processed, and compressed into solid bricks or blocks to make hashish. The term “Rolex” is frequently used to describe the calibre or purity of cannabis.

The sticky trichomes from the cannabis plant material are often separated during the manufacturing of Moroccan Rolex Hash. The dried plants can either be manually rubbed.  Hashish that results from this process usually has a soft, malleable feel and is dark brown or black in colour.

It’s important to note that “Rolex Hash” does not refer to a recognised or uniform product. Hashish’s qualities and traits might change depending on elements including the cannabis strain used, the growing practises used, and the unique production procedures.


In the worldwide cannabis industry, Moroccan hashish has a longstanding reputation. It is well-known for its strength, unique flavour, and enjoyable smoking experience. Many cannabis fans value Moroccan hash’s distinctive qualities.

Traditional Production Techniques:

The dried cannabis plants are sieved or manually rubbed to create Moroccan hash. Farmers and employees separate and gather resinous trichomes by gently rubbing the plants between their hands or on screens. The blocks of compressed resin that make up Moroccan hash’s distinctive look are the result.

Cannabis strains:

Different cannabis strains can be utilised to make Moroccan Rolex Hash. Local landrace strains like Moroccan Sativa and Moroccan Rif are nonetheless well-known in Morocco.

Consumption Methods:

Moroccan Rolex Hash is typically consumed by crumbling or breaking off a small piece and placing it on a surface like a screen, in a pipe, or in a vaporizer.  This method of consumption allows for the inhalation of the resulting vapor or smoke.

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