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Sunset Sherbert


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Indica 85% / Sativa 15%

THC content: 15%-19%

Effects: relaxed – 10 euphoric – 7 sleepy – 7 happy – 6

Flavors: sweet, earthy, citrus, mint, tree fruit



Sunset Sherbert is a strong and potent almost pure indica strain that carries an unbelievable blend ofdelicious flavors. This strain was created out of the crowd-pleaser Girl Scout Cookies, and is an intoxicating hybrid that displays powerful full-bodied effects that promise to sedate you.

This strain is a creative flower that will inspire you to think more colorful thoughts, and is therefore quite popular among artist types. Sunset Sherbert is a strong and potent smoke that is favored by medical users as well as recreational consumers, because it is a thoroughly positive variant


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